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My name is Dominic Gill. I am a photographer in the San Diego area. I travel up to 120 miles (Los Angeles). I shoot all types of photography. If it involves taking a picture, I'm your man!

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Why should you hire me you ask?! Picking a photographer is like picking a restaurant to eat at, there are a lot of choices and if you haven't eaten there before how will you know if you'll like it? Well start by looking at my photographs and my video reviews! Also be sure to check out my Facebook page which has even more reviews.

Wondering if spending money on a photographer is worth it, you have your own camera right? A point and shoot camera or cell phone won't get you the same quality photograph a good DSLR camera will. You will appreciate having really nice pictures especially as time passes. Photographs are one of the only things that appreciates in value with time. Think about how much fun it is to look at old pictures! To quote the movie Troy, "you will never be lovelier than you are now, and we will never be here again."

Please check my FAQ section for answers to common questions.

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