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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is your email address? Phone number?

  • E-mail-

  • Filling out the contact form on the home page also goes to my e-mail.

  • ​Phone number is 619-592-3839

2. Do I get digital photos or prints? Do you charge extra for prints?

  • I always give full resolution digital images with no watermark on them so you can have them printed wherever, whenever you like! I only provide prints and photo books with wedding packages A, B, & C. My recommendation is to get prints or canvasses made the bigger the better! Like a great song, turn it up!

3.  What parts of Minneapolis do you provide service to? Do you charge extra for travel expenses?

  • I will go up to 50 miles from downtown Minneapolis. Up to 10 miles from my home is free. 

  • Anything over 10 miles is charged .50 cents per mile (round trip). There is an extended range with no travel fee for each wedding package, check the wedding packages page for details.

4.  Do you require a deposit for weddings and events? How about non-events?

  • Yes, deposits are required for any event (something that has to be a specific date and time like a wedding or birthday party). I take a 50% deposit to book me, remaining 50% due the day of the event. I can do 2 deposit payments of 25% if your event is more than 120 days away. Deposits are non-refundable, only exception is if I am unable to make it due to an unforeseen emergency. You can not cancel and receive a refund as I will have turned down other potential business to hold that time and date for you.  
  • There is no deposit required to schedule if it's not an event.

5.  How many pictures will I get and how long does it take to get them? What does editing mean?

6.  What form of payments do you accept?

  • Cash, checks, and credit/debit cards. There is a 2.75% processing fee with credit cards, no fee for debit cards.

  • Only cash is accepted when you are not buying editing and receive all images immediately.

7. Do you photograph (fill in the blank)?

  • Yes! I shoot any type of photos you want or need! In an effort to keep my website clean I don't publish all the tens of thousands of pictures I've taken over the years. In addition to what you see under the portfolio section I have shot birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs & quinceaneras, baptisms, corporate events and conferences, military homecomings, high school reunions, holiday parties, photos for dating sites, and much more! I am open to shooting anything!

8. Do you shoot video as well?

9. Where's a good place to take pictures? What time of day is best?

  • Lighting is more important than location! I would take a mediocre looking location with excellent light than an amazing location with bad lighting. Bad lighting means too much light, or not enough light. Lighting will depend on the time of day and what the sun and clouds are doing. That being said, it depends on what kind of a look you want for your photos. Do you want some gritty urban streets and allies? Do you want downtown skyline in the background, or do you want just a simple park? You can do some cool things with lighting indoors but it does take a lot longer and can be more difficult. There is no one best location for pictures.  

10.  Do you have a studio?

  • No, I do not have a studio. I personally don't like the look of photos in a studio for the most part except for maybe newborns. Although I really like the look of photos of newborns done in the nursery. I can come to your home and I can set up compact mobile lights if necessary. For boudoir photos I think using a nice bedroom or hotel room is best or outdoors if the wardrobe isn't too risque to be in public. I think headshots look the best done outdoors in front of a brick wall or other neutral backgrounds. It can be anything as long as it's not too distracting.  If you would prefer, we can rent studio time if you want to go that route. 

11.  I've had pictures printed and the picture looks different, and/or people on the edges are cut off. Why'd that happen!?

  • Depending on the aspect ratio of the image and the print size you select and if you select a full bleed or not there could be parts of the image cut off. For example if you have a really wide photo, say there are 10 people lined up side by side and the people on the far right and left are near the edge of the picture if you pick a print size that isn't very wide, like a 5x7, and you select full bleed, or the place where you have the photo printed only offers full bleed, then it would cut off people on the edges of the photo. You would need to select the option where it prints the photo at the true aspect ratio and gives you the full image. You would end up with a picture with white bars on the top and bottom of the image similar to when you watch a widescreen movie on a non-widescreen TV. If you didn't like the white bars you could have them cut off and then get a custom frame to fit the print.

If you have any questions not listed here please contact me and ask!

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